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who we are

We are a group of local women who want to develop a sense of sisterhood in Cowaramup through art and craftsmanship.

Wovens Mission

Woven aims to bring together women of the community to nurture and support each other. With a focus on mental health, we aim to help women prioritise time for creativity, connection, culture and wellbeing. We also want to honour and preserve practical skilled craftmanship through intergenerational connection.

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In our small, rural town of Cowaramup, a group of like-minded women came together to develop something new and inspiring for their community. They realised craft could be the key to connection within their community where women can support one another, whilst crafting, in a safe space. Whilst this concept was born in 2016, where it began as an informal gathering at a small property in Curtis Street, it has developed and matured over time. As more people became interested in joining, the concept developed and Woven became a formal venture in early 2020 where it was incorporated as a non-profit organisation.


While we work on acquiring our own premises, the Cowaramup District Social Club (CDSC) will be our home and our venue for Woven sessions. The club is hugely supportive of our initiative, and of the women of our town. We hope with our Woven events and energy we can help to grow this already amazing community hub!


To use facilities at the Cowaramup District Social Club, all Woven members must also be members of the Club. To facilitate this, of our $35 annual Woven membership fee, $25 goes to the CDSC to pay for your annual Club membership. Due to the Cowaramup District Social Club running its memberships from October to October, we are doing the same. Woven memberships run for 12 mths from 31 Oct to 30 Oct the following year.

If you have already paid your District Club membership for 2021, drop us an email and we can assist you with finalising your Woven membership.

To read more information about Club membership, you can go to the link

below to view the CDSC constitution.



Lions Club of Cowaramup

Thanks to the generous seed funding from the Lions Club of Cowaramup, the Woven initiative has been able to take flight.  We are extremely grateful for the presence of the Lions Club in our local community.  They are a significant contributor to many of Cowaramups attractions and make Cowaramup a town we are proud to be a part of. 

AMR Shire

The Augusta Margaret River Shire has generously gifted Woven significant funding for non-disposable resources and funds to help promote local artists and community connection. 

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The committee



I'm an amateur artist, but will give any medium a crack! Crafternoons light my fire, as do small town vibes and belly laughs with other women. Pretty sure these things are supposed to go together and I'm pretty sure I was born to be part of this movement.



Always the level headed one, Shelley grounds the group, harnessing excitement and passion to be delivered in creative ways.



Keeping us on track, organised and focused, Stacey makes one mean committee member. This woman has skills! An incredibly generous spirit, Stacey gives willingly of her time to a number of community organisations and we just thank our lucky stars that she's a Woven woman!



All in the name of Good Governance.  Drawing from her experience in State and Local Government, Michelle brings her organisational skills balanced with flourishes of weaving, crotchet, pottery, sculpture, beading, jewellery making and textiles...... she likes to CRAFT!!!




Creative mumma, chasing dreams, lover of the ocean, keeps it wild by drinking far too much coffee. Disability Support worker, student photographer, passionate for all things creative that bring connection.




I love holding space for people, bringing people together. The idea of recreating community lights me up! It's all about sharing the love and realising that together we will rise up as a community and make the world a better place for ourselves and our children.



Social Media

A lover of textiles, photography and all things hand made. I cherish those small moments of creativity spent in my studio, nurturing my spirit and wellbeing. My background is in textiles, screen printing, working on community art collaborations and eco clothing production.